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SO HAPPY! people are good after all....

okaym heres the story.

More than a year ago, my family was having money problems, and got kicked out of my house the DAY shcool started, and we had to move out of the district. This of course meant I would be missing perhaps the first quarter of school, since we had nowhere to go.

Then of course, an angel steped in named Christe Martel.

We had been friends since I had moved into the area. I spent the night at her house, and having the "make your parents love me instantly" skills that ANY guy would kill a small child for, her father, Richard, agreed to take me in indefinatly, while my father moved us around.

I lived with them for a number of (bout 6) GLORIOUS months, with no fuss nor complaint, from either of them, and despite our effort since to repay them, they denied all money. He took me in, purly as a good deed. He told me that he took me in on karma, as a friend of his had done the same when he was little, and he hopes that I would pass that goodness on.

This is where the story gets sad.

After months without internet in my new home, on the first day of Summer break, nearly one year ago, I finaly got internet, and the first email I opened in my mail box broke my heart.

both christie and her father had been in a car accident. Richard had broken more than 20 bones and suffered brain damage, and was out of his work for MONTHS (luckly, he is compleatly healed)

Christie on the other hand, was not as lucky.

Her brain Damamge was sever. Great amounts of bleeding forced to doctors to take out an entire LOBE of her brain in order to save her life.

But it worked!

Today Christie still struggled in therapy, but depite being paralized on one side, thorugh sheer effort, she has managed to talk again, come compleatly concious, can legibally write, and scored high enough on an aptitude test that they decided that there was no need to go for a disabilites diploma, she can graduate, in full, with a normal diploma with the rest of us.

She has a long way to go, but hell, we thought she was going to be a vegitable all her life. Christie is a fighter who did not deserve her hardship, but shes pulling through it.

The reason Im so happy though is becuase after a year, I have FINLLY been able to track down Richard, her father. He likes me enough, knew I was a close enough friend, that he is persoanlly sending me any information he gets (since I can not be there for her, having moved away) sending me picutres of her before the accident, and of her progress, adn maybe even seeing about letting me viset.

We are curently hoping on working on her walking.

Just remember, that no matter what happens to you, you don't HAVE to give up.

Figured I'd give this a go.....

I did sign up, so I think I can vent for a while.

First things first. A great big WHOOT for me! It took me all god damn summer break, but I finally got around to beating Tales of Legendia..... God damn that game kicks ass, if only for the potential Moses/Jay. Moses makes me giggle, ("WHERES MY HORNY WOMAN!" best line of the game, and it totaly doesn't mean what you think it dose,) and I love Jay with an undying vengeance that shall never die. Seriously, I've always had a thing for the little effeminate looking boys, and well.... Jay is modeled after the girls, theres no denying it. Plus he's a ninja.... a purple ninja.

On a totally less peppy not.


I've lived here for a few years now, but you don't seem to notice the heat until its pushing 100 degrees outside.

And your AC's broke.

And all your plumbings backed up. (no cold showers)

And the main breaker in the house is busted (everythings 50% power, including fans)

And that 50% powered fridge is lukewarm, so no cool drinks.

And anything you can use to divert yourself is overheating cause of the breakers.

And the only waterpark for miles is busted on the one clear day all week, meaning its HOTTER, and no sprinkler action.

Yeah, these past 24 hours have been a blast.

Fuck.... -_-

Btw, I would still like some help on learning how to post stories on here. These kind of sites tend to.... well... eat me alive. So I would reeeeeeeally appreciate some assistance.

In case one of my readers browses here by accident, I am known as "Luvrofanime" on FF.N and are most known for my vampire Yaoi "bloody addictions"

I really SHOULD update that.

And I need to remember to post something about christie....hmmmmm

yeeeeeeeeeeeeah. Help please? *ish beggeing*

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